Three Comfortable Selections in Leather

Leather sofas are made in many styles that can fit into any decor or lifestyle. Just like sofas covered in other materials, leather sofas offer comfort and convenience. However, leather sofas will tend to last longer than those made of other coverings. What choices are out there? Many are available, but here are three choices to consider.

Leather motion sofas

Motion sofas include any that contain a moving part. This may be recliner sofas, sofas with drop down or pop up tabletops, and sofas with hidden storage drawers. Recliner sofas are probably the most popular, offering relaxation at your fingertips. Leather recliner sofas will last since leather can withstand moving and stretching without losing its suppleness and shape. Look for a recliner sofa that has smooth opening mechanisms, not jerky popping as it opens, and a nice comfortable headrest cushion to enhance your relaxation.

Leather Sofa beds

Leather sofa beds are technically a motion sofa because they do have moving parts. A sofa bed offers the convenience of any extra sleeping space without having to have an extra room since it can do double duty as sofa and bed. Like other sofa beds, a leather sofa bed will have a pull out bed frame beneath the cushions that will need to have smooth mechanisms for easy lifting. The metal frame necessary to support the thin mattress and sleepers will add weight to the sofa, so you might take this into consideration if you have to move it up or down a stairway.

Leather Sectionals

Sectional sofas can be helpful if you need a larger seating area for your family or guests. These quarter-circle or “L”-shaped sofas seat several more than the traditional two or three seated sofa. Since it is so large, sectionals come in several pieces, giving it the name “sectional”. This could be convenient if you want a larger sofa but have to navigate smaller hallways or doorways that would normally prevent the size of one large sofa. Typically, sectionals are upholstered in cheaper materials because of their size to make them more cost-effective, but they are beautiful and very comfortable in leather, as well.

Leather sofas of any type will add that special feel to your home. Whether you choose the contemporary styles of sleek lines or the more traditional warm styles, leather will give you that cozy, at-home feeling.

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