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3 interesting wall decor ideas to make your home unique

interesting wall decor ideasOne of the most important aspects of decoration is that you have an interesting wall decoration to accentuate your theme. These days, you do not have to confine yourself to a few picture frames or paintings. So, if you really want to create an interesting look in your home, then you’ll forego the idea of ​​hanging family photos and stuffy old oil paintings and consider some of the following ideas.

Architectural elements

One of my favorite ways to decorate the wall is the use of architectural elements. By this I mean old doors, wrought-iron gates, corbels, porch-all that is normally found on the outside of the house can bring depth and interest to your interior walls. When it comes to architectural elements, the more wear the piece has and the chipper color, the better! This aging and wear gives the piece character and adds interest.

These days you do not have to go to scrapyards or garbage dumps to find this type of wall decoration. In fact, you can buy new items that look like old architectural pieces. My personal favorites are wrought-iron parts that look like old gates or fences. These fit a wide range of decorative themes and look good on your walls.

wall sculptures

Today you no longer have to admire your modern art sculptures on a pedestal, because there are many beautiful wall art sculptures that you can hang on the walls. Usually these are metal or a mixture of metal and wood and have a contemporary appeal. Wall Sculptures are three-dimensional and slightly off the wall, adding depth and interest. These can benefit from modern, contemporary, eclectic and zen-decorating themes.

Wall stencils or murals

If you really want to make a big statement in your room, then you should opt for a wall stencil or a mural. Some of these murals can cover the entire wall and have a realistic look. I love those who look like French doors opening into a beautiful garden or the sea.

Masks are a bit more artistic than murals and can give your room a handmade look. I’ve seen some great stencils that look like rock walls with grapevines and ivy. If you are a little creative, then you can use this creativity with stencils to make a piece of wall art that you can enjoy every day and show to your guests.

Murals and stencils fit a variety of decorative themes, including the Old World, Shabby Chic, French Country and even some contemporary styles.

There are many other types of interesting wall decor that you can use to liven up a room, but the three listed above are a great place to look. Depending on your decoration theme you should be able to find something suitable. If you decorate your walls properly, you can decorate your room and give your home a professional look. [WD]