Modern Korean Bedroom for the Girl

Modern Korean Bedroom for the GirlAre you one of those people who love Korean pop-culture? Not enough on having their collections on your CD shelf and memorizing Oppa Gangnam Style?. Well, you might consider having your own Modern Korean Bedroom style while watching Korean movies. so you can live in Korean’s drama setting. Since girls are usually the ones who love Korean pop culture the most, in this articles we will discuss how to create your own girly looking Korean bedroom.

A Korean bedroom for girls is usually painted with pastel colors, especially pink and blue. Almost the entire bedrooms for the girl which we found in Korean dramas are played with pink and pastel colors.

Adding pink wallpaper is common in Korean bedrooms which is then matched with white instruments to make them less crowded. For the bedding, a white bedstead is used since these can be easily matched with other instruments in your bedroom.

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In 2017, white became the major color in Korean bedrooms. It is almost applied in all furniture which is contrasted by their colorful walls. Even though they now use more colorful patterns for bedding covers, sofas and others, you can still find white in their furniture.

A girly looking Modern Korean Bedroom is similar to a princess theme. where almost your furniture and stuff are made to be colorful to represent the youthful and feminine spirit. A high window is very popular since it can both help provide lighting and better air articulation and also reduce the use of electricity.

Since most of their rooms are covered with wallpaper, applying wall accessories isn’t needed. However, you can play with the curtain fabrics which will help you create the girly atmosphere. Now, are you ready to have your Korean style bedroom?