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Space saving: small office ideas


Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy one hectare of legroom in our homes, and this includes storage areas like cabinets and cabinets. But do not worry, because living in a small apartment or house can also have its own joys, for example, the ability to make things faster and easier. This is small office ideas for you.

However, you must have a fairly creative imagination to find the joys associated with a small cabinet.

But let’s take a quick inventory: is it difficult to organize your closet because it is so small? Although it is true that smaller cabinets (especially with strange shapes or fanciful corners) can be more difficult, this is impossible. Especially this is not true, because we have compiled here some interesting ideas for small cabinets, so that they work better for you …

1. Small office ideas: avoid overflow

Imagine this scenario: you still have clothes that you have bought, plus a small closet. The final result? This little closet will drive you crazy!

The first step to avoid mental collapse is to tighten the contents of your small cabinet. Remember that with a small storage room you have less legroom. It is all the more important that you understand what you are not wearing.

homify Note: give yourself a proper cleaning. Expand your entire wardrobe (because it is small, you should not stay) and throw away everything that does not fit, you did not use it in a year or more old fashioned. This certainly creates a lot of space for your little closet.

2. Ideas for small offices: do not use incorrect hangers

A cabinet with hangers of different shapes, styles, sizes and colors can create some visual interest, but can destroy plans with good intentions. Small ofice ideas, It may seem crazy, but why is it important if your suspensions fit or not?

We examine the ideas of our small cabinet and our conclusion: you do not need to agree! However, they should still be the same size and type. For example, you can hang the pants on the hangers with braces or fold them over the top of the usual hangers. But if you do not agree with the hanging methods of your wardrobe, you may find it more difficult to look at your clothes, see them at once and choose a pair quickly and easily.

Similarly, large shirts that are mounted on small hangers are easier to fold, and hangers with different heights can make it difficult to get clothes from the cabinet. After all, the last thing you need this morning is the irritation of clothing that falls on each other, falls to the ground or even disappears.

We recommend choosing a simple hanger with a stick, which is equally suitable for blouses, pants and skirts.

3. Small office ideas: do not fill all the clothes in the closet

Trying to organize your fashion clothes in a small closet is quite difficult. But if you do not only do it with the clothes that you carry with you every day, but with clothes out of season, things can become completely impractical.

If possible, light the clothes according to the weather. Even in some small cupboards there is enough space for this, without resorting to a cellar or an attic. Try the bottom of the cabinet or the tall shelf as an additional storage space. Or select other storage areas, such as under the bed, a closet for the living room, etc.

We know that you should not climb a treadmill to go to your sweaters every day, but it is good to do it once or twice a year if you avoid it in the summer.


4. Ideas of a small cabinet: do not buy too many products of the organization

There are many organizational tools that help us make the most of small spaces, but this does not mean that you should use the same space. Keep in mind that their usefulness is limited and that they also take their place.

If you trust too many organizers to do your job for you, you will still get an overloaded cabinet. The only products that you should put in a small closet are those that really save space.
Take it off: The big racks and racks will stop it and make this little cabinet more frustrating. Instead, look for flat shelves, small belt supports and similar tools.

The part of small office ideas is our interior designers will help you create the perfect wardrobe for your needs.

5. Small ideas of the Cabinet: Do you have a system that works

Do you think that just because your wardrobe is small, do you find what you are looking for in an instant? In the end, how hard is it to lose a pair of jeans two times three? Very easy, as it turns out! And it can be an even bigger struggle to find an item if the clothes in a small closet are tight rather than hanging out on a long walk.

Our recommendation? Sort clothes by type (jackets, pants, shirts, dresses, etc.). Then arrange them in color within these categories. This greatly simplifies the search for your dark blue jeans, bright green sarafan or other specific clothing!

6. Small cabinet ideas: catch

Stand in your little closet (or how much can you put in). Are there bare walls that are not occupied by clothes or shelves? Put the hook! And if you have enough room on the wall, lift the entire grill from hooks. Small office ideas.

It’s an excellent way to find wasted space, and you can use these hooks for just about anything: from jewelry and bags to belts and clothes you’ve been using for half a day and which are not dirty enough to carry a laundry basket place.

7. Small cabinet ideas: what to do with folded clothes?

  • Double all your shirts to avoid obstacles (including sweaters, most shirts and some blouses).
  • If you are using a dresser or drawers, place the clothes vertically, not horizontally. Do that for everything, including socks, pajamas and even underwear.
  • Do not place the clothing upright with open shelves so that they fall down. Take a “breather” over the stacked clothes and the top of your closet.

So are ideas for changing and adding value to your home. In addition to residential homes and apartments can also give you a touch of ideas that we described above. Small office ideas for you.

This applies to clothing; Now we see some solutions for the storage of kitchen utensils. [al]

The Ways To Add More Value To The Home



This is not just a protection against elements, but also our homes. So, if the age-old question: “How can I increase the value of my house or add value for my home?” Almost everyone jumps to hear the answer.

Not surprisingly, the above question is one of the most frequently asked questions for the real estate industry, such as real estate agents and professional interior designers (such as No4 Design Studio and Fibi Interiors).

But seriously, how can a homeowner make a bigger explosion for the dollar of his house? Well, there are many ways to increase the value of a house – from repairs, improvements and basic decorations to smaller, less expensive upgrades.

However, before using a sledgehammer to tear down a wall and bring more space to your house, you should remember to consult a specialist (for example, a trusted broker) who knows everything about sales and house prices. Since all houses have a maximum price, it is important to ensure that you do not lose money due to unnecessary repairs.

But for the curious, who still want to know what the average Joe can do to increase the value of his home, read on …

1. Correct structural problems

Before you begin to dream of adding kitchen islands and stunning new souls, you will see how to improve the condition of your home by solving key structural problems. Add value for your home with cosmetic solutions can hide problems from potential buyers, but it’s harder to fool a professional who is there to appreciate your home.

2. Loft conversion

Loft conversion is one of the most economical ways to increase space and house value. And you should be able to run this project if your house was built before 1975, and / or the attic has a maximum reserve of 2.3 meters.

But what is the time frame and cost of transferring the loft? In general, the transfer of the attic costs about 20,000 pounds sterling (although on average the auditory communication with the bedroom with a double bed and bathroom is more in the region of 35-45 thousand pounds). This project should take about 6-12 weeks and usually adds about 21% of the value of the house.


4. Repair your kitchen

Many existing kitchens can get a new look with a little money. The cabinet doors can hang down and the work surfaces can be damaged and cleaned, but the carcasses are still in excellent condition. If the devices can be saved, you can move them and add new units to get the desired layout. Then add new doors, handles and countertops. Good quality countertops are crucial, as they are one of the first things that people notice when they enter the kitchen.

Keep in mind that storage is always a key factor for people who want to buy a house. The practicality of the kitchen can really affect how cheap potential buyers look at the house.  Add value for my home.

5. Add a new bathroom

Make sure that at least one bathroom has a shower – this is necessary for most customers. First, check the tap water system and get the right system, depending on whether there is a network pressure system (modern homes), a gravity feed system (power shower) or a combined system (if the flow rate is low, you may need to install it ) an electric shower that heats its own water directly from the mains).

6. Add a winter garden

What about an additional 15% of the cost of your house? Well, you can think about adding a conservatory (if that’s part of a full-scale extension).

The basic set of the conservatory costs about 3000 – 5000 and another 2 000 – 3000 pounds sterling. In most cases, a building permit is not required, although building codes must be observed.


7. Including environmentally friendly elements

Making your home more energy efficient is not easy in the 21st century. It also saves money and increases the value of your home in the long run.  Add value for my home.

Some sources believe that an environmentally friendly house can achieve 6% more than a standard house.

Keep in mind that many of the environmentally friendly home improvements that you can do (for example, adding insulation, replacing LED lamps and installing solar panels) can have a fantastic effect on your annual electricity bills.

8. Create an appeal

The first impression is considered, the more if you hunt! And fortunately, it’s pretty easy to add a curb at home to cheaply affect its price.

More inspiration about your home can be read in lavanderiahome. [AL]