How To Lower Blood Sugar

For people who experience the condition of prediabetes, there are no food or drinks can lower blood sugar quickly and directly effective. Only medication, diet, and exercise, which can balance the blood sugar levels in the body. But, don’t worry, there are still a few foods that can lower blood sugar slowly. What is it? See the explanation below.
How To Lower Blood Sugar
What its blood sugar levels?
Blood sugar is fuel to the body that functions as energy for the work of the brain, nervous system, and other organs. Blood sugar in the body is obtained and produced from the food we eat, such as fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Well, the sugar levels in the body should be in a normal size, neither too high, nor too low, so that its performance on other organs remain healthy and normal.

What if the body’s blood sugar is too high? Yes, you have to lower blood sugar was, as has been mentioned above. High blood sugar in the body will produce a certain impact and effect. The danger is you can sample was diagnosed with diabetes, nerve damage, and kidney organs, even so, do not work.

Foods that can lower blood sugar in the body
After learning of the impact and effect of the body containing high blood sugar, you immediately made a small change which starts from the patterns of life and the intake of healthy eating. Now, let’s know what foods can lower blood sugar in the body.

1. avocado Fruit
Unsaturated fats monounsaturated and weak on fruit of the avocado, won an important component for controlling blood sugar levels normal. Avocado can enhance the performance of the hormone insulin (the hormone to help normalize blood sugar levels body), with raises a sense of satiety after food. In addition, the avocado can also lower the risk of metabolic syndrome, which is one of the main triggers diabetes.

2. Fish containing omega 3 substances
Fish containing proteins good for losing excess blood sugar in the body. In addition, the fish is also not proven to raise or lower blood sugar when you eat it. By eating fish, protein contained can cause fullness, and you don’t need to eat extra food that might in fact raise blood sugar.

Choose fish that are low in fat and contains omega 3 is good for health. Here’s an example:

-Trout fishing (fish that lives in fresh water)
-Tuna fish
-Fish Halibut (in Indonesia called flatfish)
3. Garlic
Garlic can potentially lower blood sugar is high. A study shows, eat garlic before a great meal, it could help normalize your blood sugar. Garlic actually has a positive effect if associated with blood sugar, because it contains no carbs in it.

4. Cocoa
Cocoa, also as an ingredient in chocolate maker, turned out to be good for increasing lower blood sugar in the body. Unfortunately, the cocoa is processed cocoa is not so sweet chocolate. Cocoa is used for lowering blood sugar levels is the seed of the cocoa flavanol antioxidant, containing, and protein is important for the body. It feels also belongs to the bitter and no whit contain sweeteners, but good for lowering blood glucose.

5. Egg
The egg is one of those foods that did contain high cholesterol. But as it turns out, a protein contained within the egg can help adjust and regulate the body’s blood sugar to keep it balanced. Eat eggs will cause a sense of satiety, so you don’t need excess food. We recommend the consumption of eggs with braised and way to taste only, given the content of the excess cholesterol can increase the risk of heart pain.

6. Green vegetables high in fiber
Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, turnips and cabbage, a high content of fiber, magnesium and vitamin a. the Nutrients able to lower blood sugar who simply applied. If you eat a plate of vegetables per day, you can lower the risk of a rise in blood sugar and type 2 diabetes of 14%.

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